The Toronto Raptors are one of the most popular teams in the NBA, and they have a lot of great jerseys. They’ve been around since 1995, but the team has had different jersey designs, including, the original purple dinosaur logo and the present day black and red uniforms.

Here are some of the best raptor jersey ever worn:

The Statement Edition

This jersey is one that stands out from all others as it is black and red with no other colours involved. It has a simple design on the front with a large circle for a number and small lettering for player’s name. The back also has a lot of blank space, which allows for personalization on each player’s jersey. This is one of most people’s favourite jerseys because it gives you room to make your own statement, whether it be through hair colour or shoe choice!

Icon Edition

The Icon Edition looks like it should belong to a hockey team or something, but it was actually worn by the Toronto Raptors from 2020-2021 The original colour scheme for this jersey was red with black trim, but that changed when Tracy McGrady signed with the team and he decided to change everything about it, including the colours and logo on the jersey. That’s why there are no pictures of this jersey in most internet sites because there are none online that have the original marks. This jersey has become so popular that even Drake was seen wearing one during the playoffs some years back!

City Edition

This jersey was worn from 1995-2001 and was used during the 1996-97 season when they won their first playoff series against New York Knicks in four games and advanced to Eastern Conference Semi-Finals where they were defeated by Chicago Bulls in six games. The jersey itself was not only unique but also had a lot of history behind it as well because it was a throwback uniform which meant that it was based on an older design of a jersey that was previously used by another team or organization before them. This jersey came with black shorts along with yellow socks which were both combined with white sneakers. This combination looked amazing and fans loved it so much that they decided to keep this look until 2001 when they changed their colours completely.

Association Edition

The Association Edition was the first jersey to be worn by the Raptors. It featured a white base with red stripes on both sides of the shirt and “Toronto” written across the chest in red letters. The logo was a simple basketball with three stars around it which represented the franchise’s three division titles at that time. The Raptors wore this jersey until when they changed their logo to what you see today – a red T with a black outline and yellow lines coming out from behind it.

Earned Edition

This jersey was introduced as part of the Raptors’ 20th anniversary celebrations in 2015-16. It features a pattern inspired by Canada’s Maple Leaf flag and reflects the team’s unique connection with its home country. It has become an instant fan favourite among Raptors supporters, which is saying something considering how long they have been around!


The Raptors are no strangers to great jerseys, and the rich history of their uniforms highlights this point well. The franchise has had it’s fair share of bad jersey designs, but one thing that’s always given the team an identity is their use of vibrant colours like purple, teal or even their ever-changing black. Their current jerseys are some of the best in the league and provide a fresh new look that isn’t overbearing while respecting the club’s past.


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