The machines use highly pressurized water to get rid of dirt, dust, stains, and grease marks on outdoor areas. You can also use it in cleaning the sidings, garage floors, driveways, and patios. The machine has more power and fits any cleaning job that you may have in your home. A power washer uses hot water to clean; that’s why its job is quick and effective. A power washer and a pressure washer are effective for hard surfaces with tough stains on large areas.

How to boost the power of pressure washers

Change nozzles to boost the pressure

You will make a pressure washer powerful by using correct nozzles. These nozzles determine the water stream angles. Wide angles mean the water spreads over wider areas but with lower pressure. Low angles mean a small area coverage with high pressure. If you need the highest-pressure output, you need to use the red nozzle, which is a zero-degree nozzle.

Change unloader valve or pressure regulator to make the machine powerful

The unloader valve or pressure washer regulator regulates output pressure in the pressure washer. The valve has tension springs that you will set to get maximum pressure.

Use different fuels

You need to fill the tank with high-octane gas. Many pressure washers use the 87-octane gas. The gas is very economical than the 92-octane gas. High octane gas burns faster and boosts the power of the engine.

Tweak the engine

Are you using an electric washer? You are unlucky since it doesn’t allow many tweaks. The gas-powered machine gives an option to tweak the engine to give it extra power.

Regular checking, cleaning, and checking

The small engines of the pressure need three things to operate to their maximum. They include a good park, fuel, and air. On top of these, your machine needs regular maintenance. Poor maintenance can be the reason why your machine is underperforming. Regular cleaning and checking might boost the power of the machine.

Apart from the above steps. You need to have the correct gear to keep yourself safe. Have the following gears to be on the safer side:


They will protect your eyesight while you are doing the cleaning. While cleaning, objects can fly, and they can get into your eyesight.

Closed shoes or gumboots

They will protect you from sharp objects on the ground.


they will protect your hands from sharp objects and cold.

Long pants

they will protect your legs from flying objects blown by the machine. The pants should be strong to withstand impacts from flying objects.


In general, the cleaning you will do will determine the amount of pressure power you need. Pressure washers come with different nozzles that you will use to set the pressure power that you need. The other options are changing the under valve or pressure regulator, optimizing the gas engine, or using a different gas type. If you need maximum power output, then use the red nozzle. The maximum power is for stubborn stains that aren’t easy to remove. Remember to stay far from the surface you are cleaning not to damage it with high pressure.


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